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#teacher5aday #healthyliving #challenge #veganuary 2017 – Quick School Lunch Fix Edition

You are back in school. You are thinking, how am I going to be a vegan  with school dinners the way they are? Depending on your school, there will be some bearable options, but, I would most certainly advise you on a packed lunch. It is embarrassing what we serve to our children in school.

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#teacher5aday #healthyliving #veganuary 2017 – Monday, Day 02

I hope you have enjoyed watching @forksoverknives yesterday. If you haven’t watched it already, it is time you did. Watch tonight or put it on your Friday night movie list 🙂


This documentary has helped to spearhead the nutrition revolution we are experiencing now.  The science is not new, the research exists and it is more robust than you expect. Nutrition science is difficult due to the number of variables involved but the results are piling in. “Fed Up” is another great documentary about sugar and obesity. A must watch.

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#Teacher5aday #healthyliving #challenge #Veganuary 2017

Hello there @teacher5aday community!

With all those pledges getting in, Martyn (@MartynReah ) has kindly allowed me to help out with #Teacher5aday this January by focusing on healthy living.

This is a subject very close to my heart. I am passionate about helping others to develop a critical understanding of what healthy living might mean in a broad sense. We hear a lot of hype in the media about healthy living, healthy foods, the “latest” research (in fact, more like research that has interesting soundbites to sell news), the newest diet, etc.

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What is this blog about, you ask ?

I have been actively involved on twitter for a little over a year now and I have seen a lot of loud voices talking about a lot of different issues. Many people blog about a particular issue they love and become a part of a specific community within twitter or the blogosphere. I suppose the internet is a free-thinking zone and I feel like it is time I made my own contribution, in my own particular way.

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