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Essays in Physics Teaching: Forces and Motion – Part 1

Introduction to the Series: Essays in Physics and Science Teaching

In the last 15 years of my teaching career, I have been involved with teaching Physics for 11 to 18 yr olds as well as supporting new physics teachers in developing different ways of understanding how to teach physics. I have observed countless hours of science teaching (and of other subjects) and spent hours watching videos on physics teaching and have used a number of textbooks throughout my teaching career.

Conversations with most physics teachers I have met and supported, mechanics seem to be a topic of contention, especially, how to teach it. Almost all textbooks I have used in my teaching and/or used for reference begin their topic of mechanics either by explaining vectors and scalars, or by teaching rectilinear motion and its equations for speed, velocity and acceleration and respective graphs. So, it seems that right at the start of students’ academic life in school, we are introducing them to what are, arguably, rather complicated equations and graphs, without really knowing whether they have the mathematical understanding to support this learning.

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Rage Against The Machine: Challenging Science’s Status-Quo in your own Science Department.

Imagine that in an attempt to celebrate diversity within a science department, a teacher makes a point of supporting #actuallivingscientist by creating a display together with a large wall photograph  that happens to be at the entrance of your science department in your school.

In response to this, imagine that a white, male, cis-gendered science teacher writes an email in reply:

‘To be honest, I feel very insulted and “hurt” about what has happened to the fantastic digital representation of what was probably the most famous gathering of renowned Scientists that the World has ever seen … all at one place at the same time … the famous Copenhagen conference of 1927 in Brussels or the Solvay Conference …. includes 17 famous scientists who later were awarded a Nobel prize. I for one think it looks tacky, completely demeans what we are trying to do … and demotes the Science Department … not the image we are trying to promote when showing parents, agents and prospective students around the College. ( I don’t even know who most of the so called living Scientists are … 

I can give you the background to why the digital photograph is on the wall … if you like …  and it is what Science is all about … 

Marie Curie ..  I think you will find is the only Nobel Laureate ever to have been given two Nobel prizes in two different Scientific fields …

Forgive me if I am mistaken …’

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#teacher5aday #healthyliving #challenge #veganuary 2017 – Quick School Lunch Fix Edition

You are back in school. You are thinking, how am I going to be a vegan  with school dinners the way they are? Depending on your school, there will be some bearable options, but, I would most certainly advise you on a packed lunch. It is embarrassing what we serve to our children in school.

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#teacher5aday #healthyliving #veganuary 2017 – Monday, Day 02

I hope you have enjoyed watching @forksoverknives yesterday. If you haven’t watched it already, it is time you did. Watch tonight or put it on your Friday night movie list 🙂


This documentary has helped to spearhead the nutrition revolution we are experiencing now.  The science is not new, the research exists and it is more robust than you expect. Nutrition science is difficult due to the number of variables involved but the results are piling in. “Fed Up” is another great documentary about sugar and obesity. A must watch.

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#Teacher5aday #healthyliving #challenge #Veganuary 2017

Hello there @teacher5aday community!

With all those pledges getting in, Martyn (@MartynReah ) has kindly allowed me to help out with #Teacher5aday this January by focusing on healthy living.

This is a subject very close to my heart. I am passionate about helping others to develop a critical understanding of what healthy living might mean in a broad sense. We hear a lot of hype in the media about healthy living, healthy foods, the “latest” research (in fact, more like research that has interesting soundbites to sell news), the newest diet, etc.

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What is this blog about, you ask ?

I have been actively involved on twitter for a little over a year now and I have seen a lot of loud voices talking about a lot of different issues. Many people blog about a particular issue they love and become a part of a specific community within twitter or the blogosphere. I suppose the internet is a free-thinking zone and I feel like it is time I made my own contribution, in my own particular way.

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